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新天气 !家庭幸福!今天小编在这给大家整理了一些今日春节的英语诗歌朗读 ,关心和祝福上杭县暴风雨漂亮人妻被强了ng>上杭县上杭县欧美一卡2卡三卡4卡trong>上杭县漂亮人妻被夫上司强了ong>上杭县欧美成人精品高清视频在线观看东方∨在线永久正在进入依旧:祝你春节快乐,新灯笼,嘻嘻,我们一起来看看吧!


The sound of firecrackers drove away the cold

Singing and laughing call for spring

Spring is on the distant horizon

Take a light step

Go to each and every one of us

Come and meet up.

Let the warm spring breeze

Gently touch every smiling face

Let the messenger of spring dance with huge crayons

Paint the earth with light green and white

Render a huge picture with colorful colors


The s上杭县暴风雨漂亮人妻被强了ound of Renchen Year has long gone away

Children, I don't know where to burn

Gui Si's New Year's wish

A crisp sound

New Hope

It squirmed from the depths of the mountains

Lonely Canxue

From the corner of the wall of the ruins, dancing in a whirlwind

Broken Canxue all over the sky

-t上杭县漂亮人妻被夫上司强了he angel is in tears again

After all, you must be jealous, for the sake of earthly affection and endless fun

Sleeping loneliness

Being alone in winter has blocked the warmth of the world

But in the sound of firecrackers fired by children, it disappeared

Three hundred sixty-five

Day and night, day and night

Count one's own rings

Calculating the geometry of happiness and sadness

Deep in the stars

Suddenly a few fireworks

A year of happiness

A year of sadness

It blooms in the night sky



Land falls asleep

Jujube trees with steel branches and iron bars fall asleep

Winter上杭县东方∨在线永久正在进入 wheat curled up under the thick snow cover

Father can't sleep

Even on this Spring Festival morning,

Father picked up his basket and set out as usual

Mother wrapped dumplings by the warm fire

Father went to see his crops in cold weather

The jujube branches have been trimmed long ago

Shi Nian also has a neat base

Wheat was full of water before freezing

Father just thinks about his land and crops

Silently smoking a bag of dry tobacco on the ridge

Talk to them kindly.

Father led Chaoyang back home

Father's back is straight and his eyes are bright

We looked from our father's smiling face

See a golden wheat field and

Gougou bifurcation covered with red dates

Dumplings are in the pot

Mother was glad that the flame was bright

The churning dumplings are the happiest crops today


New Year is a pretty girl who loves beauty

The bright red Spring Festival couplets cut her new clothes

Romantic candles lit up her face

Clusters of snowflakes bloom on her bun

High in the night sky, MMS blooms enthusiastically

The newly painted lintel is lit with amorous lights

Another year she kept watch on her sweetheart

New Year is a pretty girl who is dyed with lovesickness

The sweet country roads of the past

It was spacious and bright when she stepped on it

The New Year stands at the crossroads of returning home

I saw the Iraqi tears wet their clothes

Working boys who have been working for years.

Are you lost in the distance

New Year is an infatuated pretty girl

$$上杭县欧美一卡2卡三卡4卡$$$$The bustling new houses in the past were always empty

In the dream, the girl snuggled up to the fiery chest

In the dream, the girl confided in the continuous tenderness

How many times have I seen the train flying like a bird

What a thin ticket for homesickness

Is he still holding it firmly in his hand

New Year is a clever pretty girl

Home is like a flower put in a bottle by a girl

Beautiful and shy opening of bud drops

Hot and delicious dumplings in the new year

Hiding her wishes and hopes for the new year

Swallows carry mud, in the spring fields

When can the young man work hard with her

Red firecrackers are exploding crisply

The beautiful New Year is still looking forward to the way home


Whenever the New Year's bell rings,

As if the whole earth were shaking,

The New Year's bell roars in my heart,

New Year's bell makes all mankind boil!

The New Year's bell leads to vigorous cheers all over the world.

The New Year's bell rings all over the world,

New Year's bells ring over the Antarctic and Arctic.

New Year's bells greet new waves,

New Year's bells greet new clouds,

New Year's bells greet the new moon,

New Year's bell welcomes the new rising sun!

New Year bells greet new wealth,

The New Year's bell will send away the old poverty.

The New Year's bell should greet new creations and inventions.

New Year's bell should greet new good news and new competition! !

Whenever the New Year's bell rings,

This bell echoed in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.

Teenagers hear the New Year's bell,

Happy to raise your hands and jump around.

Middle-aged and old people heard the New Year's bell,

Feeling sour and sweet, this is not self-love.

Successful people listen to the New Year's bell,

And then lock in the new goal.

People in adversity hear the New Year's bell,

Quietly wipe away the rolling tears.

The New Year's bell makes us take firmer steps.

The bell of New Year's Day lets us release the incomparable pride.

Look at the sea, look at the sky,

Only top gun can have a brilliant life!

Looking back at the New Year's bell,

Every year is very exciting,

Look at the picture of life that has appeared,

Scenes, sometimes vigorous, sometimes cold and quiet,

Sometimes standing at the bottom, sometimes climbing to the top,

Sometimes I beat my chest, sometimes I laugh.

Enjoy life and enjoy competition!

The world is full of people,

It's always bustling and boiling.

With the shock of New Year's bell,

To wash away the injustice in my heart,

With the shock of New Year's bell,

Towards the latest goal, launch a new attack!

New Year's bell, ring vigorously! Knock hard!

Let the New Year's bell ring more beautifully, and make the New Year's bell ring more auspicious! !


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